For the Love of God!!!

For those of you who don’t believe the Bible, I am suspiciously curious as to why that is (the Bible told us that the world was round, that all of the physical universe was born of light, that running water is the correct way to rid one of germs, well before science had a clue of such things). For those of you who do believe the Bible, I would like to ask some very simple yet thought provoking questions of you:

If it is true that you do believe that the Bible is God’s written Word, then you are in a very select group of individuals. There are some very unbelievable things written in the living word of God. That is the main reason that we are to have faith. Faith being the ‘thing’ that connects us with that which is not a part of our physical universe. Do you believe that we are a part of a new creation? A creation in which we ourselves are partly responsible? If we are to become something more than we were before we came to believe God’s written word, then what is it and how should we look/be? We read in the Word that we are heirs of God and joint heirs with His Son Jesus Christ. We know this to be true simply by having faith. This faith is not the end of the story, it is only the beginning! This faith that connects us with something (truth) that is beyond our physical world also enables us to become something more than we are. How is this possible? Is this something that happens over a period of time, or should we expect the drastic changes to happen over night?

Why is it that we who say we believe God’s Word do not study it in it’s fullness as we do with all other books that are of any interest to us? Jesus said on many occasions that we were to do greater works than He did on this earth. And He gave us His Holy Spirit to lead and guide us in the doing of it. This is true and beyond any speculation. So, why is it that we do not see the greater works being manifested in our daily lives? Faith works by love. We know that God loves us and gave us His Son – both to save us from eternal fire and to be a witness to a dying world of His awesome love and saving power. Why is it that so many of us ‘so-called- Christians’ are more characterized by hate and judgement of others than we are with the love that God said would be the distinct characteristic that the world would know us by?

I know that some of the reasons why we as a church are not all that we should be is partly because we are still becoming who God said we would be one day. Another reason is that some of us do not take the time to study God’s Word in any real detail. Why is this the case? If it is true that we believe the Bible, and it is the core of everything holy, spiritual and right, why don’t we all ‘give’ ourselves to it in earnest? We are aware are we not that we will be judged according to our works? How many of us are now ready for that judgement to occur? I for one am certainly not! I do believe that one day, I will be all that my heavenly Father intended me to be when He created me. I know that any lack I presently have is totally my fault and due to a lack of expression of my love for Him. Do all of us know this with absolute certainty? If we do not, then we should. God’s will is to be done on this earth and will be done in and through the body of Christ. But, we only come to the reality of this truth through having faith in the word of God. When we have faith, God reveals to our spirit something that our minds are not able to grasp. We connect with something that could not be connect to without the help of the ‘otherness’. We are totally and absolutely dependent on God for all. Is this disturbing to you? If it is, then why is that the case? We are like lost sheep. Sheep that had no idea of how lost we really were until we were found by the lover of our souls.

How often do we pray? I do not mean simply when we feel we are in need of something we feel we can not obtain in and of ourselves. I mean to ask; How often do we simply talk to God? The Bible says we are to pray without ceasing or stopping. Isn’t it true that we all are guilty of not doing this? If it is true (and it is), then we should all repent to God Who is willing and able to forgive us as if this blatant act of rebellion never occurred. 

In spite of ourselves, God still loves us. Can anyone give me a realistic reason why that is true? Why would God love a people who seem to care so little about the God we claim to serve? I have an idea as to why we do not do the things that would make our heavenly Father happy. I will not presently state it here. But if anyone has a reason they believe is worth mentioning I would love to hear it. Do we Christians really love the God we ‘serve’ with our whole heart? Please tell me how one could tell that this were the case?Image


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