Pope, be perfected!

It appears to me that believers in the Word of God have not only gone astray from it’s original teachings, but have also encouraged others to do the same! This is nothing new, and is mentioned prophetically in scripture to occur. Our collective teacher, The Holy Spirit, in all His wisdom, started us all on the same path. Guiding us to the wisdom of eternal truth as we are sensitive and obedient to His voice. Yes, we have taken different paths leading us to the same Master of love and peace. The heavenly Father is the Father of us all! Yes, Jesus Christ is our ‘collective’ yet personal Savior. But the scripture also tells us to come to the unity of the faith. This faith will bring us back together again as we look pass our differing views and embrace one another as dearly beloved brothers and sisters in the Lord.

We do have differing views and interpretations of the Bible which is the main reason we have so many different denominations all believing that theirs is the right one and all else is simply falling short. To a great extent, I understand this and do not think it exceptionally odd or destructive to the Christian faith. I am open minded enough to – not only respect other Christian theology but also to understand that though ones thoughts and beliefs are different from my own, they may to be a Christian nonetheless, and destined for the same heaven that I will spend all of eternity.

Nevertheless, I must comment on the irresposibility of the leader of the Catholic Church; The Pope said ‘Who am I to judge Priests with deep seated homosexual tendencies?’ Though we are not to judge anyone but ourselves, we are to use the Word of God to correct, reprove and rebuke all false teaching and behavior that claims as it’s source to be the Word and Will of the Father. The implication is that it is alright to be gay and a leader in the Christian faith. This is far from being true! Though it is true that one can be gay or have homosexual tendencies and still be a Christian, it is not true or right that one can be a leader in the church while practicing that which is in opposition of the word they teach. One of the most beautiful things about the Word of God is it’s ability to change a person from how they were, into what God intended for them to be. This can only happen when sound doctrine is used as a guide to spiritual enrichment and transformation. It’s one thing to know of your shortcomings and have a willingness to change. It is quite another to think one is walking in God’s will as best one knows how, without having a clue of ones abominable acts and absolute failure to please God with their very life!

I read in the book of James chapter three verse one that teachers will be judged with greater strictness than the rest of the body of Christ. We are to practice what we preach. But, if our preaching is not in line with the teachings of Jesus Christ then the Father is not pleased. On the contrary, we would do good not to preach at all, than to preach or teach practices that are opposed to those of our Savior. We are to use the written Word of God as our guide and standard of living regardless of our particular denomination. But let us rightly divide the Word of truth! If we do not, how will we ever become as our Savior; Perfect, complete, lacking nothing? After all, He is coming back for a church without a spot or wrinkle, or any such thing. What a glorious church we will be…Image



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