Righteous Judgement

I look at life and see all manner of things. Good and bad. I see people living life to it’s fullest, those who lead and not follow. There are those who look smugly at those who have less than they. Some who actually brag about the things they have-all but laughing at those who have not.

Some are concerned with the have-nots. By concerned I mean that they think about them more than they’d like to. They think things like “What happens to the children who don’t have anything to eat?” To answer their curiosity, they die. Some 16,000 children world wide die because they have no food. Not to mention the ones who die from war, thirst and general neglect. They die.

There are those who live to cause sorrow and pain to others. These are those who have been shown no love. If they had been shown love, it was not the genuine kind but a counterfeit. Without love, there is only hate left to suffice.

There is the sorrowful. The ones who care about all living and feel all but helpless in assisting them. Those who are compassionate about others have the hardest time with life outside of themselves. Life is cruel and cold to say the least!

Take a step back from life for a minute. The good and the bad. The right and the wrong. The haves and the have-nots. See life as it is outside of your own cozy realm of existence. There is a greater purpose behind the scenes. Life is a test. Will you pass?

The giver of this test is the Creator of all life. The test is to see who will have love in their heart at the end. Will you only care about yourself, family and friends? Or, will you love all as God does? This is the summation of all. Does not your heart go out to the starving child half way across the world while you ‘pig out’ at the buffet? What about the citizens of third world countries who are in the cross fire of political upheaval? Are we immune to the violence that shake the world simply because we’ve heard it all before? Does our hearts go out to the victims, or do we just say it because that is what sounds appropriate?

If we do not – at the end of life here on this earth, learn to love all living as we do ourselves, we will die. Not one death but two! We will die from this flesh that clothe the real ‘us’, then, the real ‘us’ will die forever in eternity with no hope of ever being redeemed or saved. For those who think this is not fair, righteousness is not fair! Nor should it be!

We will receive from the Father that which is due us. Whether good or bad, we will receive life or death, perfect judgement. The world only makes any sense in the light of love. If you’ve ever wondered why you were put here on earth, but never came up with an adequate answer, think about love. Love covers a multitude of sin. It takes your mind off of yourself and puts it on others. It causes you to transcend and grow. That is the purpose of life.

Don’t let God come back to judge the world before you get the chance to know Him and become one with Him. This is the deep desire of the Creator God, my heavenly Father. He loves you and wants a relationship with you, not religion. He wants you to spend all eternity with Him, but will you?

Take a step back and look at life anew. God will judge all living according to their deeds. There is no way around this, it must happen. Come to know God and you will judge the world with Him in righteousness!Image



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