On True Christianity

There are many Christians who believe it is our job to reform the world. It is not. Many think they are to spend their time trying to get the devil to behave himself.  This also is not the case. When we live our lives in a way that pleases the Lord, those who are in the world will either be drawn to Christ or the opposite will occur. Persecution and ridicule is as old as the church itself. This is part of what we sign up for when we place our faith and trust in the Lord  Jesus Christ. The world hated Him and it hates us also.

Not only are we not to oppose or fight against this evil with more evil, fight fire with more fire, but we are called to rejoice! Yes, rejoice that we are called worthy to suffer with Him. This suffering we are told can’t be compared with the glory that will follow. 

During the time of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, the evil was so that God  saw fit to intervene.  The father of faith Abraham,  who was a friend of God, protested it. We know he was God’s friend because He shared His plan will him. This is significant. If Abraham were to respond as some well meaning Christians would today,  his response would’ve been something like this: “Well,  it’s about time! I would’ve killed that bunch a long time ago if I were You!” But that was not his response. He responded with love and compassion: “Will You destroy the righteous with the wicked?” There obviously were no righteous among them and God destroyed the cities. But notice Abraham’s heart, not quick to judge and act.

Faith works by love and is impossible to please God without faith. It’s fair to say that one cannot please God without love. Love is what holds everything together. The body of Christ has yet to manifest this level of love. It is the heart of God manifest to the world. 

When we see all manner of evil taking place,  we aren’t to be quick to judge but quick to pray. Evil hasn’t reached its full maturity. What’s more important,  neither has the Church. We are to be just like Jesus. This is how God sees us right now! When we renew our minds with the Word of God, we will become the living Word. As the Word first became flesh and gave light to the world. 

Jesus is our example. He was not a reformer, He was and is a redeemer. Those who are lost can be found. Salvation is a gift of God that saves from sin, death and eternal damnation. When we confess our sin and Jesus as Lord and Savior, we are saved. This is the core of the gospel we are to share with the world. The only law we have is the law of love. When this is accomplished,  all other laws are fulfilled.

As far as attempting to get the devil and his hosts to ‘act right’, we would only be wasting our time. He is doing his job, it’s up to us to do ours. 

Personally, I don’t sign petitions or go to rallies. It is not fruitful. The Word of God says evil will reach its limit, the Church will grow to the full stature of Christ, the gospel will be preached to all and then the end will come. No, we can’t expect to reform the world unless we make God’s word a lie. The only place I want to see my name is in The Lamb’s Book of Life. Come Lord Jesus!!! 














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