The Truth In Love…

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I read a post earlier on facebook that compelled me to comment. This action normally requires no explanation. Unfortunately, this is one of the few that does. It was all about a famous pastor and first lady who presumably are false teachers. It caught my attention because of who the pastor and first lady were; Individuals who have been instrumental in my spiritual growth. I can also get a word of encouragement from them.

When we have so many who are preaching sin and condemnation, encouragement and exultation is like a breath of fresh air. We also have way too many that spend way too much time being critical of others instead of rightly judging themselves.

We have Christian brothers and sisters on the other side of the world who are literally being killed in the streets because of their faith. Their murderers are radical zealots who practice hate as religion in the name of their god. This malicious abuse of religion (more correctly referred to as a cult), is note worthy. This should be brought to the attention of all believers. We as believers are to watch as well as pray.

On the other hand, for us to criticize another Man’s servant(s) is wrong according to the Bible. God gives all of His children work to do and we should all be about our Father’s business. We are all part of one body and our actions should reflect that truth. When you stub your toe on a table leg, the rest of your body doesn’t laugh or mock at the pain. In fact, the rest of your body feels the pain as well.

Similarly, if and when a fellow Christian is in error, the rest of the members of the body are to correct them in the spirit of love. We definitely aren’t to put them on bast on facebook even if we strongly disagree with what they have to say. Who are we to say that what someone preaches didn’t come from God? We use the Word of God, The Bible as our guide. Not our own personal interpretation of scripture but what the Holy Spirit tells us He means. When we trust Him as our Teacher, read the Word in faith, and give our whole heart to putting it into practice, we will all be saying the same thing as the Word commands us to.

Division in the Church body not only hinders us from walking in the power that we should, it also makes us look bad to the world. Remember that the Word says that the world should know us by our love for one another. Faith works by love. It’s impossible to please God without faith.

Back to the blog in question. It mentions how the pastor believes that our obedience and worship are more for us than for God. For the opposite to be true, our obedience and worship would have to be more for God than us. But what does that mean? That God needs us to obey Him to satisfy some hidden need to be the boss or to feel important? That His ego is so big that it needs to be stroked with our praise and worship? God said if we don’t praise Him, He’ll cause the rocks to cry out. No, God does not need our obedience or worship. We do. When you can forget about all of your problems and concentrate fully on God, it changes us for the better. God needs no improvements!

Everywhere that I read in the Bible, God promises us good things when we do as we are told and bad things when we disobey Him. God didn’t give Israel all those laws so He could be entertained by their attempts to keep them. But so that they would be blessed as a result of it. For anyone who wants to know, God does love us and wants the very best for us. He wants us to prosper in every area of life. Jesus came that we may have life and have it more abundantly. He gave all things that pertain to life and godliness for us to enjoy. God’s Word says that He can do exceedingly abundantly above all we can ask or think. What a cruel God He would be to be able to do, but not willing. That is not the God we serve!

The blog described the teaching as a ‘feel good’ gospel. I found the term laughable in light of the meaning of the word ‘gospel’ (the good news). Verses of scripture were given to ‘prove’ the false teaching. Verses such as: We don’t worry about  our lives, we give it to God in true worship…We are to finish our course with joy…We are to bring glory to God.

How do we bring Him glory? By being accusers of the brethren? No, but by being a living example of Jesus Christ. We are to further the gospel. How do we do this if we are broke or sick or not walking in love as our Savior commands? We can’t. But we can criticize a pastor who has been blessed to have his own plane to go into all the earth with the gospel?

We are to testify of His grace. But how can we do that when most of us don’t know what the Bible word ‘grace’ means? It means God’s undeserved kindness toward us ( Like when He loved us enough to give us His Son when we least deserved Him). “Thank You Father!”

We are told that those who cause division are ravenous wolves who don’t know the difference between the truth and a myth…

God’s Love is being (presently, not just when we get to heaven) poured out on us. We are to ‘count it all joy, rejoice and be glad that the life of Christ may manifest in our bodies, that we have peace. We are to make music with our heart! We are called to serve with gladness. ”His greatness, no one can fathom” Ps. 145:3 (this verse was listed twice in the blog so I wonder why the author of it didn’t follow the natural implications of it: That God is limitless love expressed to us as big as our faith allows Him. If you disagree with that statement, how can you justify saying as the scripture says, that God is love?

I must also say that I wasn’t just disappointed by the blog, but also by how it was shared. Not by a non believer or an atheist, but a fellow minster of the Word of God. One who also has been a blessing to me and my family. We are family!

Yes, we are called to correct those who are in error and to bare the infirmities of the weak. If we obey the law of love which is the commandment of our Master, we won’t get delight out of a brother’s error (if we see it as such).

When we love as God loves, we pray for our brothers and sisters. We want them to get it right as much as we want to get it right ourselves. We don’t want anyone to be lost do we? Of course not.  And when they have it wrong, we don’t refer to it as a ‘great blog’ but a ‘sad’ one.























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