Who am I and Why am I here?


With so much going on in the world. Work, struggle, stress, war, death. Ones head spins when trying to make sense of it all. Adding to this the fact that we humans have no idea what we’re here for. Thus no true meaning for our existence, in the back of our minds we hide a question mark.

If God doesn’t exist, life has no real meaning. If He does, we need to know what we were put here for.

I’ve journalled for years and have written what I call proofs. Natural truth that holds up to science, religion and mathematics. To share this light with the whole world is my purpose in writing here.

I just joined today and am sure I’ll receive much needed information to help me grow as a writer and blogger. This is quite unnerving. Like speaking in front of a class. But isn’t that really what I’m doing?

There is a part of us that can’t be seen. It travels where it wills. We observe it in instances but never control it. Sometime, it takes us to places we like. Sometime, we’re dragged kicking and screamingnustar-hand-of-god-2 to places we don’t. We should never close our eyes in an attempt not to see. We should observe the scariest things with more thoroughness so we’ll know them if we see them again.

Like a child covering his face in an attempt to hide. The monster knows where you are. But do you know him? His name is ignorance and he won’t be tolerated any further. We have the light and we walk into it with our eyes open.


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